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Close a Folding Rebounder

Folding Rebounder - Closing Instructions

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  If you have a optional frame skirt – pull the skirt back away from the hinges.Remove the frame skirt by releasing all 6 straps if your frame skirt is held on with velcro straps.
  To hold frame skirt away from hinge you must tighten the Velcro straps from the Bungee frame skirt.
  Lay the rebounder flat by turning it upside down. Lift up each leg whilst pulling it over to it’s platform pin and place it down towards the center of the mat. Lift only enough to clear the platform pin. Ensure that the leg tube is within the center of the platform pin. The leg will unhook through transport if the tube is placed to the side of the platform pin. Note: Expand the leg spring enough for it to slip up and over the platform pin. Extending further than what has been given in the instructions may damage leg spring. 
  Locate the bottom half of the frame by finding the side which has the larger/outer hinges.To close the frame there are 2 acceptable methods.  The most common method involves additional upper body strength- this is easier for people with a short upper body length.  The alternative method will require a couch or other parts of heavy furniture in order to complete. Both methods are found below.


 Traditional closing method
Place both your knees and hands on the frame as shown. Note:  The rebounder is grasped in an opened position by the heavy tension of the springs. You will need to control the tension of the springs in order to close. The rebounder will have the tendency to snap closed after controlling the tension.  Ensure that you have grasped onto the frame firmly and gradually pull to sustain control while closing.  Keep your head away of the frame movement.
  Tightly grasp the center of the the top half of the frame and lift upwards and towards the bottom half, with your right hand.
 Alternate Closing Method
 Having completed the steps above and determined the “top half” and “bottom half” of the hinge (see above), firmly grasp the “bottom half” at the midpoint of the frame with both hands.  Slide the “top half” of the frame under a couch or other low and heavy piece of furniture.  The frame and at least 1 leg will contact the furniture in this maneuver and may scratch the finish or fabric.  It may be advisable to place a towel between the rebounder and the furniture.Note:  The rebounder is held in the open position by the stout tension of the springs.  To close, you will need to overcome the tension of the springs.  Once you have overcome the tension, the rebounder will have the tendency to snap closed.  Make sure you grasp the frame firmly and pull slowly to maintain control while closing.  Also, keep your head clear of the frame movement.Raise the “bottom half” of the frame slowly until the spring tension is overcome.  Slide the rebounder out from under the furniture and complete the close.
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