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Please ensure you read all the steps and thoroughly understand the instructions before you begin to replace any springs of your rebounder.Tools required:
1 x long screwdriver

1) Remove the old spring:
Remove your old rebounder spring(s) by following the instructions on theMat Spring Removal page.

2) Attach spring to frame:
Using your hands, attach the hook on one end of the spring to the frame of your rebounder. The spring attaches to the frame of your rebounder through the hole of the clevis pin. The clevis pin is a small metal piece that connects the spring to the frame of your rebounder.

3) Hook the spring:
Insert the long screwdriver into the free hook of the spring. The sharp end of your screwdriver should be pointed towards the inside of your rebounder.

4) Position the screwdriver:
Carefully insert the sharp end of the screwdriver down into the space between the mat cleat and the mat of your rebounder. The mat cleat is the U-shaped steel connected to the mat of your rebounder. The sharp end of the screwdriver should now be underneath the mat of the rebounder and the handle of screwdriver should be close to the rebounder frame.

5) Attach spring to mat cleat:
Slowly and carefully lift the handle of the screwdriver up and over towards the rebounder mat. Make sure the sharp end of the screwdriver remains below the rebounder mat. As you lift screwdriver the spring hook will slide over the mat cleat and become hooked onto it. Once this is done carefully slide the screwdriver away from the spring and mat cleat.

How to replace a Needak mat spring


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